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Pro/Am Registration


Your Pass gives you unlimited entry into the ballroom.


Early Registration       Professional  Pass $65

                          Amateur Students  Pass  $65


After January 10th      Professional  Pass  $75

​                          Amateur Students  Pass  $75


                             Entries fees per dance  $20


Top Teacher Awards

OVER $5000 in Top Teacher Prize Money

1st $2000 – Requires a Minimum of 200 entries
2nd $1500 – Requires a Minimum 150 entries
3rd $1000 – Requires a Minimum 100 entries
4th $500 – Requires a Minimum 50 entries
5th $250 – Requires a Minimum 25 entries

Over $1800 in Pro/Am scholarships.
Student must enter 5 single dances to qualify for scholarship. 






USA Dance Rules and Southeastern DanceSport Rules

We strive to create the best competition environment to help you dance your best and have fun!  As past Champions we strive to make this the kind of competition that we would love to attend.  We want what you want........competitive, fun venue, and an organizer who knows what it's like to be a competitor.  Come and enjoy the atmosphere of the Southeastern DanceSport Championships.  We make competing fun!

Early Registration and Cancellation Policies


Wayne & Marie Crowder
Years of experience: 15


Amateur Teacher/Student

Teacher/Student Events   A Teacher/Student event consists of a DanceSport Athlete and a partner.  The partner may consist of a male or female teacher regardless of the sex of the DanceSport Athlete.  In Amateur Teacher/Student events, eligibility is determined by the DanceSport Athlete's age and proficiency level; only the DanceSport Athlete is being judged.  Amateur Teacher/Student couples may NOT also compete in other non-Teacher/Student events.  Both the Amateur Teacher and their Student(s) must be a registered USA Dance DanceSport Athletes.  Both Amateur Teacher and their Student(s) must purchase a Competitor's Pass.  This gives you all your  entries and unlimited Session Passes. 

Online Registration 

Each competitor must purchase a Competitor's Pass or Student Pass.  This purchase pays for all your entries, program, and unlimited entry into the ballroom.  One price....covers all.

Cost for each Amateur Competitor or Student Pass for those with a school ID.

Early Registration  Adults      $ 160
                              Students  $  65  

After Jan 10th      Adults     $ 175
                              Students  $  75

​All Amateurs and Pro/Am students  must be a member of USA Dance in order to compete in this National Qualifying Event.

Use your USA Dance Membership number when registering in o2cm.

Elizabeth Hendrick & Lee Fulk
Years of experience: 5

Registration Desk

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